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    1. "Dr is extremely knowledgeable...All encompassing great doc and experience. :)"

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    1. "I can't say enough good things about Dr. Joshi and her staff."

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    1. "She's delivered all my children and there's no better doctor then her."

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    1. "She is one of the best in her field, and I am so thankful for her."

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    1. "She's delivered all my kids and I would never go to anyone else. She is the best!"

    2. Verified Patient Vitals

    1. "Amazing! She delivered both of my babies!"

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    1. "Dr. Kiran Joshi is the best. I am blessed to have such a wonderful doctor."

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About Practice

Holy Name Medical Associates is a leading OB/GYN service provider in Hackensack, New Jersey. Dr. Kiran Joshi, MD, FACOG, provides exceptional health care, with compassion and expertise, to women throughout all stages of their lives.

Holy Name Medical Associates is a full-service OB/GYN practice. The health center offers a number of specialties to meet the health needs of their patients; these services include management of normal and high-risk pregnancy, contraceptive care, treatment for numerous conditions such as fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome, and gynecologic surgery. Dr. Joshi is affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center.

The Holy Name Medical Associates team can communicate with patients in English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.

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